It is thanks to the generous philanthropic support of our donors and patients, our institution, and funding agencies that we are able to better care for our patients and community and continue the vital pursuit of discovery. 

Some efforts that may be supported directly through donation: 

  • Support the lab’s efforts to identify and sever the link between brain trauma and dementing illnesses 
  • Support the group’s efforts to build a cutting-edge neurotelemetry monitoring system that takes neurocritical care into the next century 
  • Support the PI’s efforts to develop loss-of-life outreach in the neurocritical care unit to support families in their bereavement and help provide closure 
  • Support the PI’s educational mission to develop medical trainees as scholars, innovators, and broad-based pillars in the community 

Thank you for considering a gift.

Please contact Dr. Kummer to further discuss the potential impact of donation.